Ridley Scott Looking to Produce Remake of The Wailing

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If there’s one thing most horror fans would agree on, it’s that we love when really good foreign fright flicks are immediately remade by Hollywood. After all, who likes to read subtitles, am I right? Wait, I’m being told that everything I’ve said thus far is actually incorrect. Well, damn, color me surprised.

Anyway, apparently no one told legendary director Ridley Scott the above information, as Screen Daily reports that his company Scott Free is in early talks to produce an English-language remake of South Korea’s 2016 horror hit The Wailing.

The Wailing poster

For those yet to experience The Wailing for themselves, the film centers on Jong-goo, a clearly quite inept policeman in a small Korean village. The relative tranquility of the village is quickly shattered by the emergence of a supernatural outbreak that causes sufferers to go completely nuts and proceed to kill others and/or themselves.

While investigating this phenomenon, Jong-goo runs afoul of a mysterious Japanese man that many residents suspect of being in league with the underworld. After he makes the mistake of pissing this man off, Jong-goo’s young daughter soon becomes violently ill, and begins acting out in horrifying ways. This leaves the formerly bumbling cop to try and save her from the forces of evil.

The above description is actually pretty surface level, as The Wailing holds many twists and turns for viewers to discover. For those interested, the film is currently streaming on Netflix. For the record, it holds an impressive 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

As the talks of a remake are still very early, no director or writer has been approached yet, although original Wailing director Na Hong Jin is reportedly interested in giving Hollywood a go sometime soon. If the remake does happen though, one wonders how well a story so heavily steeped in Korean religious beliefs would even translate for a western audience.

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