WubbalubbaFacehug! New Official Rick And Morty And ALIEN: COVENANT Crossover

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Science fiction has gone to some weird and interesting places over the years. With one of today’s biggest sci-fi series being the animated misadventures of an alcoholic mad scientist and his skittish grandson in Rick And Morty. And following in the footsteps of great crossovers of the past such as Abbot And Costello Meet FrankensteinThe Flintsones Meet The Jetsons, and Alien VS Predator, we’ve got Rick And Morty encountering ALIEN.

To promote the upcoming release of ALIEN: COVENANT, a crossover short has been released from Adult Swim of these two distinctly different sci-fi franchises. The dysfunctional duo receiving a distress signal from an all-too familiar alien ship. Rick, as per his usual self, does not want to go answer it, but Morty insists they check it out.

He immediately regrets this decision when they’re on board.

There’s Xenomorph resin all over the walls in the H.R. Giger environment, already opened eggs, and acid dripping calling cards of bio-mechanical horrors on board. Rick finds himself under the assault of a vicious Facehugger, only to accidentally discover a potent weakness in the universally feared apex predator: the little bastards can’t hold their alcohol! Or the potent cocktail of drugs that permeates Rick’s body. Watch the whole video below, and check out ALIEN: COVENANT on May 19th!



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