Rick and Morty is a hilarious and popular cartoon, loved by legions of relentless fans. Many of which are horror fans, which undoubtedly stems from the fact that much of the humor of Rick and Morty is so unsettling and strange. So the fusion of the cartoon with the horror genre is a real treat for any fan wishing to see the worlds collide.

It’s happened before, and it’s happening again! Adult Swim has put out five more con-canonical shorts (that means, for you non-nerds, they don’t actually exist in a universe that doesn’t actually exist in the first place), this time featuring one that spoofs Re-Animator! The shorts are in claymation, so they’re not exactly real mini-episodes of the show, but they’re close enough. Plus, who doesn’t love a good, violent piece of claymation?

The show will return on July 30th for its third season. Hopefully, this will hold you eager fans over just a little bit longer. We’re so close – only two weeks! So in the meantime, check out these claymation spoofs of Poltergeist, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more. This animated version of the xenomorph may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, by the way. Leave it to Rick and Morty to make Alien even better. I never thought I’d say those words, but hey, here we are.

These clips are all courtesy of Justin Roiland’s YouTube channel. If you’re a fan of the show it is imperative that you explore his page and see all of the Rick and Morty goodness that it has to offer!