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Richard Herd From ‘V’ and ‘Get Out’ Has Died

by Timothy Rawles
Richard Herd

Whether you remember him from his long list of guest appearances on television or his minor roles in feature films, Richard Herd will always be remembered as John in the 1983 miniseries V and its follow up V The Final Battle. The 87-year-old actor died on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the family confirmed his passing in a statement:

“I can confirm that Richard passed away yesterday morning at age 87 of cancer at his home in Los Angeles in the company of his family. He is survived by his wife of 40 years Patricia, daughter Erica, son Rick and step-daughter Alicia.”

Herd was a versatile actor who had a penchant for TV detective dramas such as Kojak or Starsky and Hutch, but he was also keen on comedies, appearing on Seinfeld and The Golden Girls.

His B-movie resume doesn’t fall short of titles either, it includes films such as Trancers, and the 80s horror movie Schizoid. Herd made a return to sci-fi/horror as Roman Armitage in Jordan Peele’s hit Get Out.

Peele sent out a message of condolence via Tweeter:

“RIP Richard Herd. A wonderful man and a true professional. We hadn’t talked much before he arrived on set for Get Out,” Peele wrote. “I asked him to think of the scene as a viagra ad trying to hide deep rage. He responded ‘That sounds like all Viagra ads to me!’ Then he absolutely nailed it.”

Richard Herd

But for those of us who recall the mini-series V, Herd will always be remembered as the alien disguised as a human who reveals what the “visitors” look like beneath their fleshy facades. Perhaps the epitome of the term “nightmare fuel.”

RIP: Richard Herd: 1932-2020

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