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Thanks primarily to the massive success of AMC’s The Walking Dead, zombies are everywhere this decade, appearing in countless films and TV series.

At this point though, the basic zombie outbreak conceit is arguably starting to get really played out, making it quite welcome when a filmmaker decides to to take the undead in an original direction.

That’s exactly what British director Steve Barker (Outpost) is out to do with his latest film The Rezort, which blends a lot of the basic plot elements of Jurassic Park with the horror of being trapped in a remote location with rampaging zombies.

The Rezort cast

In the world of The Rezort, the emergence of zombies didn’t lead to the end of the world, as humanity successfully managed to regain control. With the undead scourge mostly vanquished, bored humans can now pay big bucks to travel to the titular attraction, a private island resort where guests can get their jollies by going on controlled zombie hunts.

The customers are never in any real danger, but the thrill is still there, that is until a park security malfunction releases the zombies from captivity. Naturally, all hell breaks loose, leaving the surviving guests and park staff to band together and try to make it to safety.

U.S. distributor Content Media has released the trailer for The Rezort, which honestly, looks pretty freakin’ cool. Check it out below, and if you’re interested, the film arrives on all major VOD platforms next Tuesday, January 17th. Netflix subscribers can also stream it at no extra cost beginning Monday, January 16th.