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Revisiting ‘Miss Annity’: One of The Internet’s Scariest Monsters

by Timothy Rawles
Crypt TV

Thanks to the creators over at Crypt TV, horror fans get to indulge in isolation every week with plenty of good, scary content to keep them comforted during the pandemic. Kiss and Make Up could be one of the internet’s creepiest horror shorts.

The film is a part of the channel’s Miss Annity anthology. Although the series has been around for almost a year, this entry is especially noteworthy. We decided to revisit it, and are we glad we did.

There are only three short episodes in the series; Kiss and Make Up is the third installment–and what a punch it packs!

Following a rather violent encounter with a bully for wearing make up, a young man is visited by a spider creature. Moreover, this monster has the body of an old woman.

A stand-off ensues. There can only be one victor.

Crypt TV has been around for five years and was founded by Eli Roth and Jack Davis. Production credit also goes to Jason Blumhouse.

Take a look at Miss Annity: Kiss and Make Up:

Miss Annity-Crypt TV

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