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Review: Time To Kill (2014)

by admin

Time to Kill

Time to Kill is a 2014 film about Sara (played by Ellie Church), who finds out she has 24 hours to live, and uses that time to (what else?) kill some people.

This is the kind of movie that kind of hurts my head to review. It’s bad, but that’s kind of the point. It never pretends to be anything that it’s not, but rather embraces its B-movie status wholeheartedly. It  clearly has “grindhouse” in mind, and seems to aspire to be cut from the same cloth as movies like Ginger and others you’d see trailers for in the 42nd Street Forever series – only in more modern DIY form (though there is plenty of added graininess and whatnot).

If you don’t like tasteless no budget exploitation, then look elsewhere, but if you do, let’s just say the film opens with a woman giving herself a coathanger abortion and spends the majority of its runtime in a strip club. In between, Sara kills several people, severs a woman’s (Debbie Rochon, no less) hand, stuffing money into the bloody stump (the first time I’ve seen that), and rescues a young woman from an apparent rapist before taking her to a barn to get naked and screw around in a wash tub.

The score is effective at times, even if it sounds like a guy sitting in a room playing a cheap keyboard behind the camera. In fact, I’d say that adds to the charm if anything.

At one point it achieves something remotely like a Jim Van Bebber film. Other parts are reminiscent of low-budget music videos.

Other highlights include: a machete vagina stabbing; Sara puking in the toilet while a fat guy is taking a bath in a shower cap and eating a sandwich while talking about her abortion; and the aforementioned keyboard striking a frantic note as a woman delivers the line, “Summer sausage!”

A buzz of some sort would be encouraged when putting this one in (I was admittedly a few beers in when I started), but as long as you know the type of film you’re taking on going in, it should be pretty easy to settle in for the ride.

The runtime comes in at a cool hour and ten minutes, so the content doesn’t overstay its welcome as with many of these types of movies.

There’s plenty of comic relief throughout, including an intermission sequence involving “hot wiener sandwiches” (with “all breast meat”) and a woman rubbing condiments all over herself as well as a bit bout masturbating in public theaters. Like I said, the film isn’t trying to be anything that it’s not.

Time to Kill is directed by Brian Williams, and comes from Mostly Harmless Pictures. It’s being sold by Toetag Pictures, which is known for the August Underground series.

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