[Review] “The Struggle Is Real” In The New Horror Film ‘Tone-Deaf’

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The story of Tone-Deaf begins with Olive (Amanda Crew) going through an odd break up with her boyfriend and practically at the same time suffering the wrath from her boss and getting fired. A frustrated Olive decides to bale out of town and she books the weekend at a very large home. Harvey (Robert Patrick) the owner of the house, claims to have recently lost his wife and lives not too far from the home, just down the road to be precise. Too many memories keep Harvey close to the home. Harvey is battling through his own demons as his son David, (Ronnie Gene Blevins) has a deep fear that his father is slipping into dementia and this man that he once knew is turning into something quite different. Of course, Harvey denies this. Harvey has his sights set on Olive, and he is out for murder!

Robert Patrick as Harvey in the horror/thriller TONE-DEAF | Photo Courtesy of Saban Films | Now Available on VOD / Streaming Platforms

After watching the trailer for the film I already started developing an opinion on how this movie was going to play out, and it seemed absolutely bonkers! and Robert Patrick to top it off? Yeah, this movie was on my radar for sure and I knew I must see it!

Amanda Crew as Olive in the horror/thriller TONE-DEAF | Photo Courtesy of Saban Films | Now Available on VOD / Streaming Platforms

The film uses some very weird and colorful nightmare scenes that just didn’t appease me at all. The scenes were more of an art performance and consisted of everything Harvey dislikes about Millenials, this baby-boomer cannot stomach these types of people. Stuck in the middle, I personally do not feel a part of either generation so this conflict in the film really has sparked an interest. I also need to note that the dialogue in the film adds a humorous temperament throughout with lines cited by Robert Patrick’s character, Harvey – “Sunglasses are for the outside, and Sundays are for the lord.” Outside of the humorous aspects of the film, there are moments throughout Tone-Deaf’s 87-minute runtime where Harvey starts speaking directly into the camera to the viewer, a very creepy idea and I absolutely could not help but squirm in my seat!

Tone-Deaf is a step by step manual on the divide culturally between our current generation. After the first twenty minutes, I found myself sold on this film and everything about it. The film made me laugh, cover my eyes and I didn’t catch myself checking my cell phone every five minutes. If you need something entertaining, fun and straight out bat shit crazy, Tone-Deaf is your go-to film.



Tone-Deaf made its world premiere at this year’s SXSW. The film is currently in theaters and On Demand from Saban Films.

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