Christmas has not entirely left, Troy Escamilla’s Stirring placed me right smack back into the Holiday Season. Back in 2017, I had the privilege of reviewing Escamilla’s slasher Party Night. I described Party Night as “A Throwback to old-school slasher films of the 1980’s.” “A straight bloodshed orgy and is an exceptionally fun flick that does not hold back.” Escamilla’s latest piece of Christmas pie, Stirring is no exception to the rule, and I found myself immersed in joy just three minutes into the first act.

The film opens at a sorority house with a group of girls in a bathroom forcing an initiation prank on a new pledge wanting to become a part of the elite sorority “Delta Sigma Sigma.” Not to give too much away, the joke has an inevitable conclusion, and we fast forward ten years later. Danielle, the sister of one of the sorority girls who met her demise ten years earlier, has sought refuge in the sorority to deal with her guilt of not grieving over the loss of her sister years ago. The group of girls at Delta Sigma Sigma are prepping for a Christmas party, but with the strange disappearance of local fraternity boys and fellow Sigma sisters, their little Christmas party ends faster than it began and someone or something is lurking in the shadows, watching their every move.

Escamilla has a particular taste in casting, and I dig it! It was pleasing to see a few familiar faces from Party Night in this film; I love when filmmakers “recycle” some of their talent. We see this executed in Rob Zombie films quite often. The problems that the characters face and the dialogue are very realistic and will appeal to today’s youth, very relatable. A smart casting move using Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre) in this film, pure genius!

Not wasting any time, the film delivers the first kill seven minutes in, this is something horror fans will appreciate. I was highly impressed with the cinematography and editing with Stirring, Derek Huey did a fantastic job, smooth transitions throughout, causing everything to flow seamlessly. Mark D’Errico’s score was implemented with a mix of Holiday cheer and horror.

Final Thoughts

With a Black Christmas meets Sorority House Massacre kind of feel, Stirring brought me back to a special place in life and did not waste any time in accomplishing this. Filled with mystery and several twists this has proven not to be a straightforward slasher flick; rather it will leave you guessing. The characters in the film will grow on you, and the practical effects are delightful along with the death count. Stirring I am sure will make everyone’s Christmas watch list in the years to come.



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