To know fear, and to truly be scared is a cornerstone of childhood. Who else was afraid of what lay in our bedrooms in the dark or what evil lay outside our windows? Who else feared what lay just outside of view, lurking in the shadows? Turning our rooms into a hotbed of potential horror? This is the case in the horror short, Nite-Night by Chad Meisenheimer.

The story, set in 1985, follows a babysitter caring for a young boy while his parents are out of the house. Reading him a bedtime story to try and lull him to sleep. Despite her skepticism, the babysitter checks under the bed and out the window to make sure there are no creatures or ghouls about. Too bad she forgot to check the closet…

The plot is pretty straightforward and a rather classic horror staple. A child insists there’s an evil in their room at bedtime, but no one will believe them. Nite-Nite is The Boy Who Cried Wolf classic scenario. Without giving too much away, we do get a sneaking glimpse of the monster in question, but not much. Just enough to accentuate the threat and solidify the boy’s fears. The actor and actress for the boy and his babysitter are pretty good, particularly the kid who displays genuine terror about the monster in hiding. The only thing that didn’t really work for me was the need for setting the time period. There isn’t really much of a need to be set in 1985 and it doesn’t really affect the story so much except for the babysitter talking on a cordless phone rather than a cell phone. The short is definitely a slow burner, focusing more on tension building rather than adrenaline or violence, and it works. Overall, the short feels like a post-modern traditional horror folk story, and is worth a watch.

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