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REVIEW: Keir Siewert’s Short Film ‘RETCH’ is Shockingly Visceral

by Waylon Jordan

Fans of body horror, pay attention. Writer/director Keir Siewert’s short film RETCH debuted on the ALTER YouTube channel today, and it is something to behold.

The film opens with a bang as Sonia (Chloe Wigmore) writhes and convulses on the floor while Rebecca (Maria Teresa Creasey) searches for her medication. Viscous fluid pours up and out of Sonia with every violent contraction of her body as Rebecca’s search becomes more frantic, and time seems to be running out.

Then things really get nasty.

Siewert and his crew have created an entirely immersive sensory experience with the film, merging visuals and sound to trap their audience in a dark and twisted cocoon from start to finish. What’s more, its frenetic energy does not so much compel the viewer to finish as it demands it. It fires us from a cannon toward a target we cannot see and a delightfully twisted ending that is both jarring and shocking.

Wigmore completely gives over to her role as Sonia, tearing at her skin and creating sounds that no one should hear outside of a sick room and we believe every moment of Creasey’s increasing panic.

What I’m saying here is that RETCH is the total package, and manages to do something brilliant in just over four minutes.

Now, like many short films, RETCH almost feels as like you’ve picked up a book, picked a random chapter within it and read everything except the first and last paragraphs.

For some, this may be off-putting, and normally, it would frustrate me as well, but there are more answers within the film than are apparent at first glance. Siewert embedded tiny clues and cues for his audience and multiple viewings will bring some of those things to light.

One final note, while you can certainly watch RETCH however you like, I do recommend a good set of headphones to get the full experience of Siewert’s soundscape. There are so many things to hear within the film, that it will inevitably heighten your experience.

Check out the teaser trailer for RETCH below and view the full film by CLICKING HERE!

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