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Hulu is extending Halloween to include 11 more months of scares in its new monthly anthology series Into the Dark. The first episode The Body was a critical success and if the second installment Flesh & Blood is any indication of the quality yet to come, we are in for a stellar good time.

The series will feature a full-length movie built around whatever holiday is known for that month.

November’s offering, Flesh & Blood is a claustrophobic creeper that takes place just before Thanksgiving and stars Dermot Mulroney and Diana Silvers as father and daughter respectively.

Kimberly (Diana Silvers) is reclusive, an agoraphobe who suffers from PTSD after her mother’s murder, one which remains unsolved. She and her dad live in a large home which he continuously renovates maybe because of his own unresolved trauma after his wife’s death.

Silvers is the star here. The focus being her unharnessed fear of the outdoors, she can’t even walk on the front stoop to get a delivery without being overcome with paralysis and catatonic anxiety.

Her dad Henry (Mulroney) only passively challenges her to face her fears, he leaves the therapy to a visiting psychologist played by Tembi Locke to cure her.

As with most house-bound characters, they begin to experience cabin fever, one of the symptoms being paranoia. Kimberly accidentally discovers something in the house that opens up a Pandora’s box of a mystery which may threaten what she thinks is reality.

Flesh & Blood is not a movie you can fully discuss without giving too much away. What I can say is that the layers of mystery and suspense unfold at an even pace, and each act carries with it a new twist, but always posed in the form of a question.

The breakneck finale answers everything amid a bloody mess as Kimberly finally sees the truth and has to choose between being captive to her own fear or venturing outdoors beyond the smoke and mirrors.

Credit should be given to writer Louis Ackerman and Director Patrick Lussier for piling up the mystery to hoard-levels and revealing the truth amid the final act for those who still haven’t caught on but giving everyone an equal thrill none-the-less.

Hulu’s Flesh & Blood embraces its title metaphorically in the beginning then much to our delight literally by the end.

It’s a twisted mystery, a perfect after-dinner mint to Halloween.

Flesh & Blood stars Dermot Mulroney, Diana Silvers, Tembi Locke and Meredith Salenger.
Written by Louis Ackerman. Directed by Patrick Lussier.
Flesh & Blood is now streaming on Hulu.