[REVIEW] ‘Friend Request-‘ Delivers Terror & Jump Scares!

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With the tagline “Evil Trending” Friend Request whips up the screams which are easy to find. The film utilizes Facebook as one of the tools to deliver the madness into the lives of many and no one understands that better than our protagonist Laura played by Alycia Debnam-Carey

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The story follows Laura, a young vibrant popular college student who accepts a friend request on social media giant Facebook from outcast Marina, played by Liesl Ahlers. Laura is a person without a mean bone in her body, and quite frankly accepted the request out of sympathy when she discovers the poor girl has zero friends and Laura with over eight hundred. Attracted to Laura’s pure and happy life, Marina becomes obsessive very quickly, making gifts for Laura and sending her messages 24/7. Eventually, Laura unfriends the poor girl, unaware of the terror that is about to ensue on her and everyone around her.

(Photo Courtesy of iedemann & Berg Filmproduktion).

With the elaborate death scenes and the order in which the deaths occur (trying not to give away too much) the film was a calling card to the Final Destination films. Filled with horror clichés Friend Request caused the entire audience to giggle throughout, some at the humor while others nervously giggled as they clutched to their seats waiting in anticipation as for what was to come next.
Friend Request will definitely touch the souls of our new generation of horror fans, the social media obsession throughout the film will be highly relatable to most. The newfound importance of how many friends on social media one should have, posting every little small thing for the world to see is evident throughout, cyberspace can be uplifting but also chilling and devastating. The film scrapes the surface of abnormal psychology touching upon the unusual patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought that is quite not understood, caused by social media obsession.

(Photo Courtesy of iedemann & Berg Filmproduktion)

Friend Request is full of jump scares along with terrifying moments that will cause you to sink in your seat and close your eyes waiting for the scare to end. Cyberspace has become such a major part of our culture I can see a trend of these types of films coming our way. Friend Request isn’t the best horror film ever, however, the film did what it was supposed to do, create likable characters, and deliver some terror.


Friend Request: 7/10




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