[Review] ‘Evil Dead 2’ Gorgeously Swallows Your Soul In 4K Ultra HD

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There are a few consistencies in the horror community. Sequels, prequels, and remakes. That, and your favorite titles leaping from one home video format to the next as technology marches on. Since the VHS boom, home video has been a prime market for the horror genre in particular. So, it should come as no surprise that there are signature titles every step of the way. And with the brand new 4K Ultra HD format, Evil Dead 2 has taken that next blood filled step as well!

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The Sam Raimi masterpiece is now available on 4K with resolution and sound that has to be seen and heard to believe. Of course, many of you I’m sure already own a copy of the film in one form or another, which begs the question: Is it worth it? Evil Dead 2 holds a special place in my heart, the Anchor Bay DVD being the first DVD I ever purchased with my allowance, so I intended to see what a difference was made. The main hurdle of which being that 4K Ultra HD only works with a 4K player/Xbox One and a compatible 4K television to go with it, adding up quite a bit. But, if you already have such hardware and are looking to expand your library with horror titles, Evil Dead 2 is a no-brainer.

Evil Dead 2 being the sequel to The Evil Dead and the franchise that made Bruce Campbell a horror/cult icon. The sequel continuing to follow Ash as he tries to survive the horde of evil spirits that possessed and led him to slaughtering his friends. Now as another day approach and some mystery guests arrive, can they survive or will they be “Dead By Dawn”?

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The transfer is undeniably brilliant. Crystal clarity on everything from the misty woods to geysers of blood. I was worried such a high definition transfer may make the low-budgeted origins and FX lose their charm, but the clean-up is so good the fishing wired eyeball and such flow even better than on the DVD. As for sound, everything from screams and boomstick blasts are transferred with a fine quality as well. I watched with a speaker system, and this is definitely the kind of horror movie you watch with the volume cranked up.

The only other real addition with the 4K edition is ‘Bloody And Groovy, Baby!’ a tribute of sorts to Raimi, Cambell, and Evil Dead 2 featuring interviews with an immense and intuitive assembly of genre filmmakers from Guillermo del Toro, Roger Corman, Edgar Wright to Aurélia Mengin watching Evil Dead 2 live! It’s a fascinating documentary and it’s so interesting to hear such a wealth of opinions on the film from such a variety of different artists. Which only hammers home why Evil Dead 2 and the entire Evil Dead franchise is more than deserving of its legacy and repeated appearances in the evolution of home video.

The 4K edition also comes with a blu-ray version and digital download in case 4K is out of reach or you want to back yourself up with other versions. The blu ray looking fine as well and featuring an even wider amount of special features, including cast/crew commentary, also featured on 4K

So, if you’re an Evil Dead Head like so many horror fans and you’re capable of watching the sequel in gore bursting 4K, go for a groovy experience!

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