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‘Deep Blue Sea 3’ Swims Into An Over the Top Third Entry In The Franchise

by Jacob Davison
Deep Blue Sea 3

Summer means many things. Hot weather, the beaches, Shark Week, and my personal favorite: shark movies. Ever since JAWS kickstarted the summer blockbuster and took a bite out of the box office, there have been many, many, many shark films that have attempted to follow in its footsteps. And with the advent of home video, digital, and streaming, this has allowed many toothy horror movies to swim straight to people’s homes. As is the case with the second sequel in the franchise, Deep Blue Sea 3.

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Continuing where Deep Blue Sea 2 left off and continuing from the original, three genetically modified and super intelligent bull sharks have escaped captivity and are on the loose in the seas. Becoming an existential threat to the very balance of nature. Off the coast of Mozambique is a nearly abandoned and isolated floating fishing village called Little Happy. There, marine biologist Emma Collins (Tania RaymondeTexas Chainsaw 3DLOST) has established a base of operations to research the effects of climate change on Great White Sharks. Only to find her work interrupted and the lives of herself and her crew put at risk when the modified bull sharks lay siege to the territory. A science/security team arrives to capture or eliminate the bull sharks, led by Richard Lowell (Nathaniel Buzolic, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) who is also Emma’s ex-boyfriend. Now, despite their conflicts, they have to team up and fight the bull shark threat or it could mean disaster for the oceans.

Being a direct to video sequel to a horror franchise, you kind of know what to expect going in. I had actually missed Deep Blue Sea 2, but the plot of 3 is completely stand-alone with the backstory of the super smart bull sharks being on the loose. For one thing, CGI sharks. So many computer generated sharks. While I’m sure there are fans out there for it, unless it’s rendered very well, it just takes me out of the film. Which isn’t to say the movie itself looks bad. Most of the underwater scenes and the diving scenes are quite well shot and well establish the beauty of undersea nature before sharks inevitably rip those divers and researchers apart. Though there are a few shark attack scenes that are that impressive and made me exclaim in surprise. Not to the level of the first film’s legendary Samuel L. Jackson shark attack, but the effort is there.

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Surprisingly, there’s more than a few human vs human fight scenes among the sharks vs humans plotline. A twist in the story leads to the Little Happy researchers coming to blows with the security team and shoot outs and fistfights occurring amidst the terrors of the deep. Needless to say, this is not the most plot heavy shark action horror movie. If you just want to see randos get ripped to shreds or possibly blown up by sharks on a sinking village island, this one’s definitely up your alley. Which isn’t to say it’s an ill-made movie, but it is definitely constrained by it’s budget and flat story.

Still, if you’re in the mood for some dumb shark action under the sun, get a bite to eat and a big drink.

Deep Blue Sea 3 is available on Digital July 28 and Blu-ray/DVD on August 25, 2020.

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