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Review: ‘Creepshow’ Season 2’s Model Kid/Public Television of the Dead Bring The Series Back To Frighteningly Fun Form

by Jacob Davison

Creepshow reviving on AMC’s Shudder horror streaming service has been the gory gift that keeps on giving. From the first season to last year’s gory Halloween cartoon special and over the top Christmas special, it’s been a hell of a ride so far. So, how does Creepshow fare with its season 2 revival? Read on, because the opening episode is one for all the monster kids and deadite heads out there…

The first story, ‘Model Kid’ revolves around Joe (Brock Duncan), a kid who loves monsters so much he surrounds himself with all kinds of creature figures, memorabilia, and movies. Even dressing up as a vampire himself! An escapist comfort that Joe needs from the real life horrors of local bullies and his mother’s illness. Things take a turn when his sympathetic Aunt Barb (Jana Allen) and abusive Uncle Kevin (The Blob‘s Kevin Dillon) move in to help take care of Joe and his mother. But when push comes to shove, Joe decides to get some supernatural help from his ‘real’ monstrous pals thanks to his very own Creepshow comic…

This was a perfect set-up story for the rest of the season. Directed by showrunner and special fx maestro Greg Nicotero and written by John Esposito, you could tell this story was a huge love letter to the monster kids out there. Not only was it a grand display of practical creatures (I’d love to see The Gillman vs The Mummy) but it also had a lot of heart as Joe finds strength from horror fiction to stand up to his oppressive uncle and bond with his vulnerable mother. Also, kudos to Kevin Dillon for playing a great Creepshow heel!

The second tale of terror is ‘Public Television of the Dead’ also directed by Nicotero and written by Rob Schrab, who penned last season’s werewolf World War 2 epic, ‘Bad Wolf Down’. Set in the 1970’s, the story follows the day’s production for Pittsburgh’s WQPS station. Mrs. Booksberry (Coley Campany) is the face of the network and with the most popular show with with her magical library. While she appears sweet and friendly on TV, behind the scenes, she’s a nightmare to work with. Even going to far as to pressure the station’s new executive Claudia Aberlan (Marissa Chanel Hampton) to cancel gentle giant of a painter Norm Roberts’ (Mark Ashworth) art show so she can steal his time slot. Things take a turn for the worst when Ted Raimi himself stops by to get a relic he found in his fruit cellar appraised on an antique show… The Necronomicon!

This episode was a barrel of laughs and deadites! A love letter to all things Evil Dead and public television with more blood and guts than you’d ever see on any publicly broadcast TV show. Ted Raimi is great as… Ted Raimi, and the trio of Claudia, Norm, and producer George (Todd Allen Durkin) make for an incredible group of protagonists and I would watch an entire spin-off movie with them. I don’t want to spoil too much, but keep an eye out for numerous ED references and homages.

Overall, this was a solid start to Season 2 and I am ecstatic to see what further frights are in store for us!

Creepshow airs on Shudder every Thursday.

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