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Over the years Nicolas Cage has become a staple in the entertainment business starring in an array of genre films and most recently has dipped his feet in the horror realm. With past films such as Con Air, Gone In 60 Seconds, 8MM, The Wicker Man, and Ghost Rider, Cage has proven he has a hardcore resume and is up for any filming challenge. Between Worlds doesn’t quite live up to the films I mentioned moments ago, it does offer a lot of crazy moments that fans will deem satisfying.

Taking the viewer into sexual situations, Between Worlds proves to travel the cliff-hanging gothic route versus straight hardcore horror. Certainly not the best Cage film around, and not the worst, this supernatural erotic thriller will deliver a unique experience that will make your head turn even with the zany and quirky plot.

Between Worlds follows Joe (Cage), a down-on-his-luck truck driver haunted by the memory of his deceased wife and child. Joe meets Julie (Potente) who is a spirtually gifted woman. Joe had saved Julie from being strangled in a truck stop bathroom. Julie enlists Joe in a desperate effort to find the lost soul of her daughter, Billie (Mitchell) who is in a coma. The spirit of Joe’s deceased wife Mary is stronger, possessing the young woman’s body and has unfinished business to settle with the living.

I am always eager to see a new Nicolas Cage flick, whether it be in the theatre or direct to video, sadly a few of his films have slipped through the cracks and have fallen off my radar, Mandy is one still on my list to watch. Tension and conflict could have been more utilized from the story, but the performances help establish an interesting film. All-in-all Between Worlds is worth checking out, take your time, and have fun with it.

MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual content, language throughout, drug use and some violence

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Franka Potente, Penelope Mitchell, Garret Clayton

Credits: Written and directed by Maria Pulera. A Saban Films release

Running time: 1:30

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Between Worlds
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