Review: Batman Realm of Shadows

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Batman is kinda the hog in Bruce Wayne’s life. We tend to see a lot more of the bat than we do Bruce. What lies under the mask of Bruce Wayne? What makes him tick? Does he like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? What are his political beliefs? Well, Telltale Games latest, “Batman: Real of Shadows” answers some of those questions by putting you in shoes of Bruce Wayne as much as it does the cowl of the caped crusader.

This is the first episode of five. Like other TellTale Games it is built on choices and quicktime events. This time around you are Batman and Bruce Wayne. As the Bat you go around doing Batman things. Thwarting villainy, using bat tech gadgets and being an all around badass. As Bruce Wayne you are attempting to shift power to a Harvey Dent campaign to keep Gotham safe.

The game begins with a brawl with Catwoman, before shifting into a political fundraiser at Wayne Mansion. Bruce is backing Harvey Dent and schmoozing with Gothamites in order to secure Dent a spot in the election. This part has you selecting dialogue to have voters side with your friend, Dent. When mobster, Carmine Falcone makes an appearance at the event both Dent and Wayne are tied to rumors that they are working with the mob.

This entry does a good job at revitalizing the world of Batman. Character models are tweaked and some backstories are shifted in order to give you a fresh look at the characters and story that we are used to.

Fights are a series of quicktime events that are rarely as satisfying as controlling Batman in the Arkham series but they are still fun enough. These are interactive movies for the most part and that is a cool way to merge the two formats together. Dialogue choices again form the world mold the world around you and choices you make impact the story later on.

” This entry does a good job

at revitalizing the world of Batman “

A new option of group play is available this time around. For, example if you and some friends are sitting around watching you play, they can vote for dialogue choices from their smartphones in order to assist in choices, making this a cool party game for fans of Batsy.

If you are a fan of Telltale Games and Batman you will be a fan of this. While this isn’t a strong episode, it does a good job of setting up the set-pieces, characters and ,of course, a cliffhanger. The story is promising and I’m looking forward to see what is next for Batman and alter ego Bruce Wayne.

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