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[Review] ‘An Hour To Kill’ – A Gruesome & Disgusting Joyride!

by Ryan T. Cusick

When I first sat down to watch An Hour To Kill, I really had no idea what to expect. Judging by the film’s elaborate poster I felt I may get a “grindhouse” type film, but much to my surprise I got a lot more. Hitman Gio (Aaron Guerrero) and the rookie, Frankie (Frankie Pozos) are sent after Arash (Arash Dibazar) for a hit. Unfortunately, the duo is saturated with some bad luck when their boss, Mr. Kiniski (Mel Novak) suspects Frankie for a snitch, and he wants Gio to execute him – in an hour, not a minute less. Frankie, unaware of this, and Gio intends on not making him suspicious of anything. To pass the time along conversations ensue in which they tell one another some very disturbing and horrifying stories, not all related to the work they carry out daily.

Directed by Aaron K. Carter, the devious film turns into an anthology, if you know me, I am a sucker for a good anthology, immediately I was hooked once I realized exactly what was going on. Three stories were told during the film as the main plot wrapped itself around.

1 – “Valkyrie’s Bunker” – This tale has five teenagers (Jola Cora, Amanda Rau, Sarah Gordy, Alexya Garcia, & Stephanie Strehlow)hanging out and they decide to go out chasing ghosts in an old bunker that is rumored to be the hideout for escaped Nazi’s. Will they make it out alive? Valkyrie’s Bunker was my favorite of the three, it was close enough to a slasher story and the history, and cinematic style made for a spooky watch. This is one tale that has the ability to comprise an entire film.

2 – “Assacre” – 2nd up is a story of competitive eating at its finest (Brendan Mitchell, Gabriel Mercado) that will lead to a practical joke gone wrong when someone is coaxed into eating a pepper that is so legendary, not many can handle the heat. I have to admit, I turned my head a few times during this segment, it was completely gross, but a lot of fun! I have to hand it to the filmmaker, it takes a lot to make me squeamish.

3 – “Hog Hunters” – Three bowlers (Kevin C. Beardsley, Michael Camp, & Chris Morris) welcome their new member to the club (Joe McQueen). This motley crew heads off to the backwoods for initiation to “get it on” with some very large women. The plan pretty much backfires and this segment will leave you asking yourself, “what the hell did I just watch?” (But in a good way, of course)!

An Hour To Kill falls into several genres including action, comedy, and horror and a lot of effort went into this film building a story and forming that story around these tales, Gio and Frankie act as kind of a host into these segments and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. At times throughout the film, we do see the low budget bleed through, but these filmmakers knew what they were doing and where to spend their money.

All in all An Hour To Kill is quite entertaining, the concept is unique and the scenes from the film will linger on the viewer’s mind for the days to come. An Hour To Kill is a film that viewers will converse about with their friends, reciting the wackiest, bloodiest and comedic scenes.

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