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[REVIEW] ‘All The Creatures Were Stirring’ Brings Out The Eerie Holiday Spirit.

by Ryan T. Cusick

The holiday season is upon us. A time for Christmas lights, decorations, gifts, evergreens in our homes. Colder nights, festive parties, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, or is it? On the outside the holiday season appears to be wonderful, however, behind this façade lurks loneliness, darkness, and evil. People tend to go a little bonkers this time of year with their lives filled with dread, watching everyone around them making connections with those they love, can draw a person into profound emotional isolation, causing madness! All The Creatures Were Stirring sets us up with two people not wanting to be alone going on an awkward Christmas Eve date to the theatre. With the Holiday Spirit very much present, this tiny production that the friends endure escorts them through a variety of short stories that make up this holiday horror anthology film.

This new Holiday anthology consists of five chilling unique tales, (1) The Stockings Were Hung, (2) Dash Away All, (3) All Through The House, (4) Arose Such A Clatter, & (5) In A Twinkling. Typically I have a difficult time choosing my favorites out of an anthology, but to my surprise, my favorites of the five were The Stockings Were Hung and Dash Away All. 

The Stockings Were Hung opens at an office Christmas Party, a really dull office Christmas Party, you would probably need to be drunk before attending to get through it, however, the lameness of this party quickly dissipates when the lives of each employee are threatened by a madman who has delivered, rigged presents. I found this segment to be frightening as workplace violence is now an issue that our local news reports quite frequently, and the episode starts off with a bang, literally! This was a fantastic opener to the film and will not disappoint, in the tradition of Saw, you will enjoy The Stockings Were Hung.

My next favorite Dash Away All introduces a man who is just trying to get home for Christmas Eve, but last minute shopping has made him very late. Eric is one of the last shoppers to vacate to the chilling, snow-covered parking lot and during is mad rush to load up the car he accidentally locks himself out. The parking lot is deserted except a van, that Eric approaches occupied by two women who offer him help, or so he thinks. This tale is fueled by the building of tension and proves to be the most unique and satisfying of all the tales for myself. With solid practical effects, Dash Away All delivers insightful thrilling holiday horror.

Overall All The Creatures Were Stirring has proven to be another Christmas holiday horror film worthy enough of a top ten list! Husband and wife duo Rebekah & David McKendry who served as writers and directors of the film, executed a well balanced low budget horror film with nicely done visual aspects and use of practical effects. My Christmas wish is for this team to deliver us similar films, or better yet, a sequel. This film will for sure bring Yuletide Joy to horror fans around the globe, be sure to add it to your list.

In addition to the film now available on DVD, On Demand and Digital Video, the film will also be premiering on Shudder on December 13th.

The official synopsis for All the Creatures Were Stirring:

When an awkward date on Christmas Eve leads a couple into a strange theater, they’re treated to a bizarre and frightening collection of Christmas stories, featuring a wide ensemble of characters doing their best to avoid the horrors of the holidays. From boring office parties and last-minute shopping to vengeful stalkers and immortal demons, there’s plenty out there to fear this holiday season.

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