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[Review] ‘A Nun’s Curse’ – A Well-Crafted & Creepy Film!

by Ryan T. Cusick

“An Eerie Atmosphere Mixed With Horrifying Visual Appearances Makes                A Nun’s Curse A Sinister & Creepy Film!”

Tommy Faircloth’s A Nun’s Curse has been on my radar ever since I learned of its conception via crowdfunding quite some time ago. I immediately was giddy at the fact we would possibly get the Nun movie we should have had after my experience with the train wreck of The Conjuring Universe’s The Nun. (I know that I may very well be the minority on that opinion).

Beautifully shot, A Nun’s Curse follows a group of friends (the two female characters are sisters) who are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison where a nun named Sister Monday (Felissa Rose) had once been assigned to. Before that assignment Sister Monday’s covenant at the Horse Creek Church had mysteriously burned to the ground in 1945. Out of all the Nun’s, Sister Monday was the most remembered because she was suspected of killing prisoners, Sister Monday had mysteriously disappeared before questioning could commence on the horrible events. It was believed that Sister Monday continued to inhabit the prison finishing out her days punishing anyone that deserved it. The group of friends begins to experience conflict as it erupts at the surface forcing the group to face their deepest and darkest fears. 

Winner of Nightmares Film Festival 2019 for Best Writing in a Feature, A Nun’s Curse was not only well written but well shot. The film is very vibrant and sharp. I made similar comments about Faircloth’s previous film Family Possessions. The opening credits proved to set the tone for the creepiness to follow with the eerie music and background photos, mimicking an old real of film. The banter between the characters was very real and I felt connected and could relate to the conversations and sarcasm that they would all have with each other. Over the years I have learned to appreciate good writing and story-telling and this is something A Nun’s Curse possesses, no pun intended.

What will catch the eye of most moviegoers with this film is the casting of Sleepaway Camp alumn Felissa Rose. I must say Felissa’s portrayal of Sister Monday was spine-tingling, sinister, and chilling (even when she wasn’t in demon form). I could tell that she put her all into it, and it showed on the screen. Damn, and that makeup! Holy hell, I just can’t get Felissa’s demonic Nun image out of my head! (This is a photo opp we will NEED at upcoming conventions). For decades Felissa has been known for Sleepaway Camp, but now, that might just change.

Felissa Rose as Sister Monday

I would be doing an injustice if I did not mention notable performances by the other main players in this film. I will start with Erika Edwards who plays Ashley-Kae. I remember Erika from Faircloth’s 2016 film Family Possessions, and I knew then I would love to see Erika in more films as she had potential, and I wasn’t wrong as she has proven herself with her character Ashley-Kae. Ashley-Kae is a simple person, exploring her fascination with photography and obsession with Nuns, from stories her father told her as a child. However, she harvests a dark horror from her childhood.

Erika Edwards as Ashley-Kae

Next up, Kristi Ray who plays Gabby – sister to Ashley-Kae in the film. I had seen Kristi in a few shorts and wanted to see her in a horror film, needless to say, I was very excited that Faircloth cast her as a major player in the film. This character Gabby, made me laugh, her low monotone voice and sarcasm just meshed well with everyone and I couldn’t get enough of it, well played! Kristi sets a demanding presence on screen and I am looking forward to what the future holds for this actress.

Kristi Ray as Gabby

Now onto the gentlemen. We have Gunner Willis as Michael. I recognized Willis from another Faircloth film, Dollface. Also, I must note that Gunner was in an episode of the critically acclaimed Netflix original Ozark. Gunner’s character Michael is a friend of Ashley-Kae, well at least he believes that he is. Deep down Michael has deeper feelings for Ashley-Kae and would like to get to know her more, pretty much this is why he has decided to tag along. Gunner’s approach to this character was spot on and everything that I wanted to see, wardrobe most appropriate with those blue glasses!

Gunner Willis as Michael

Lastly, we have Damian Maffei as Anthony, the boyfriend of Gabby. Characters Anthony and Gabby meshed well on screen, a match made in Heaven so to speak. Just like Gabby Anthony projects a bit of sarcasm as well, both characters fed off each other. Anthony is kind of an asshole, but a likable kind of an asshole. Great performance and he has a grotesque death, guys you’ll know what I mean after you witness it! I need to mention that Maffei played the Man in the Mask in Strangers: Prey at Night and is currently in post-production on a new Wrong Turn film.

Damian Maffei as Anthony

Uncrok’d Entertainment has been picked up distribution for A Nun’s Curse, no release date set yet, be sure to check back with us for more information. This is a film you won’t want to miss out on!



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