New York Toy Fair has caused mass hysteria for many people’s wallets. I’m talking about cats and dogs living together sorts of mass hysteria. The amount of Ghostbusters merchandise unveiled has been staggering but the retro Kenner figures take the cake.

The Plasma series is fantastic (be sure to check those out) but the retro Kenner figures are where all my pre-orders are at. Hasbro unveiled a release of the classic figures for The Real Ghostbusters and it caused me to cry and die at the exact same time.

The set brings back the boys from the 86′ animated series along with a pizza eating Slimer and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The classic figures all come with a their very own proton pack, wand and a class five free roaming vapor.

The wave of nostalgia that these brought back are right on the money. I recall, receiving Peter Venkman and Egon as a kiddo, but never was able to complete the set. That ends now. I’ve gone and pre-ordered the set over at and the joy is real.

These as well as the Plasma series both release this June, and are both available from Walmart.

Are you guys as stoked as we are for the retro Kenner release? Let us know in the comments section.

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