Restaurant Shut Down For Serving Human Flesh!

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It certainly sounds like something straight out of a Thomas Harris novel. The fact that this is true is what makes this story all the more terrifying. While we all revel in fantasy stories in the horror genre about cannibalism, such as Hannibal or Cannibal Holocaust, it is obviously a very real thing that is actually very legal in some parts of the world, including America! Technically, in the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but the act of cannibalism would probably violate laws against murder and against desecration of corpses. Sounds barbaric, yet it’s true.



The picture of (ugh) boiling heads above was taken from


A restaurant in Nigeria was reportedly shut down after the discovery of what was really being served there. The police, who were tipped off by the locals in the area, raided the restaurant only to uncover the horrifying truth to what was being suspected. Officials discovered human heads still dripping with blood wrapped in plastic bags in the kitchen; along with several rounds of heavy artillery and grenades.


Originally reported from the BBC news: A local priest who ate at the restaurant – in the south-eastern province of Anambra – was alarmed at the price of meals there, let alone where the meat came from. The priest stated: ‘The attendant noticed my reaction and told me it was the small piece of meat I had eaten that made the bill scale that high.”

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He was presented with a bill of 700 Naira – around £2.20 – when the daily wage for tens of millions of Nigerians is approximately 60p. “I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive. What is this country turning into? Can you imagine people selling human flesh as meat, Seriously I’m beginning to fear people in this part of the world.”  Clearly this guy never heard of a movie called Soylent Green. 


In total, 11 people in the establishment were arrested in connection with this strange story. Another local added to the Osun Defender newspaper: “I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel; dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel. So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of yesterday.”


Moral of the story here folks: Please at least ASK what the hell is being served to you before you even attempt to eat it. Also, stay away from Nigeria eateries for the time being.








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