The 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre¬†introduced several new members of Leatherface’s family, including the horror icon’s wheelchair-bound uncle Monty Hewitt. It was Terrence Evans who played the memorable character, and we’re sad to report today that the veteran actor has passed away.

Spanning 45 years and over 70 projects, Terrence Evan’s acting career began in 1970 with a role in the TV movie The Young Country. From there he went on to star in hit shows like The Incredible Hulk, The Greatest American Hero, The Dukes of Hazzard, and late 80s horror anthology series Monsters.

Terrence Evans

On the big screen, Evans appeared briefly in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, though it is the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that he is perhaps most known for. The role of Uncle Monty was more substantial than many throughout his career, and he returned for the 2006 prequel.

The character actor died on August 7th in California at 81.

Terrence was a consummate actor who was passionate about his art and about giving to others. He projected his strength and humanity into his character portrayals,” said longtime manager Phil Brock, who reported his death.

Evans is survived by his wife, Heidi, two children, two stepchildren and one grandson.