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‘Resident Evil Village’s’ New Trailer Uncovers More Mysteries

by Trey Hilburn III

The next chapter of Resident Evil is looking to be a very big departure from what we are used to seeing in the series. From the narrative to the world’s mechanics this looks to be a Resident Evil that is stepping outside of its own box and setting up for something that might be the best RE survivor horror experience we have had yet.

It’s constantly impressive to us that Capcom, doesn’t stick with the same story or approach when it comes to Resident Evil. If it isn’t a remaster of a previous title, they are going to have fun with the new chapters. Resident Evil 4 began that trend. Ever since, the series has had fun with stepping outside of itself and introducing change.

In the latest trailer you get a closer look at this world. A better look at what Ethan Winters is doing in the Village, as well as a little backstory on the Village. It also appears that you might be siding with some of the before seen giant vampire and her daughters. It looks like, they are fighting against a yet unseen enemy and it appears that you might assist them in doing so.

Resident Evil will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia beginning May 7. The game will be available in standard, deluxe and collectors editions.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up Resident Evil Village? Let us know in the comments section.

The Djinn trailer is here to ask you to survive till midnight. Check it out here.


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