Capcom just released a bunch of news for those of you who loved their reboot of the Resident Evil franchise with Resident Evil 7. They’ve announced a release date for a new DLC and a Gold Edition of the game, all of which will be out in December.

Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will include the base game, and the collections ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’, and ‘Banned Footage Vol 2’. It will also include the upcoming DLC ‘Fate of Zoe’. The other anticipated free DLC, ‘Not a Hero’ is also going to finally be available, but will have to be downloaded separately.

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Most people know the main storyline of Resident Evil 7, about Ethan and his search for his wife while trapped exploring the home of the Bakers, who have been transformed by a sentient fungus.

Both volumes of Banned Footage cover events that happen before Ethan’s arrival and game modes made just for fun. Seriously, check out Jack’s Birthday Party, where you play as Ethan’s wife, Mia, and have to race through the house to find food to feed Jack for his 55th Birthday. You can also check out iHorror’s review of the ‘Banned Footage’ DLC’s by D.D. Crowley here. 

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The real news though is the release of the last free DLC ‘Not a Hero’, which features Chris Redfield (Now off the steroids) and his mission to explore and clear the Baker’s mansion after Ethan’s rescue. Originally scheduled for release in spring of 2017, the DLC was delayed as the developers said it just wasn’t coming together with the same quality as the main game, which was something they were striving for. Whether that holds true with the final product, we’ll have to wait and see.

The last DLC announced, ‘End of Zoe’, will feature Zoe Baker, the final member of the family who was left behind at the end of the game. Reports are that this DLC will feature a brand new swamp area for players to explore and new enemies to battle.

Both DLC’s and the Gold Edition of the game will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on December 12th.

‘Not a Hero’ will be free to download for anyone who has the game, while ‘End of Zoe’ will be available for $14.99 USD. A price for the Gold edition hasn’t been released, but they typically run the same as the game at it’s initial release, so we can expect a price of around $59.99.

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