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‘Resident Evil 2’ One-Shot Demo Is A Great Appetizer

by Trey Hilburn III

Capcom released a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 over the weekend. The ‘One Shot’ demo gives you a 30-minute window of time to work through as much of the games story as possible. After that you are unable to play again… at least from the same account.

When a Resident Evil 2 remake was initially announced, I imagined much of the same game from my childhood, but with a better graphics engine in placed, a few things I didn’t expect was, 1. How freaking great the game was going to look. 2. How scary it was going to be. and 3. what a fantastic overall revisit it was going to be.

The demo picks up with you as Leon Kennedy at the infamous Racoon City Police Department. For those who have played, you know the basics. For those that have never played Resident Evil 2, I’m envious of you. To experience the classic game in this light for the first time is going to be a truly special experience.

Similar to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the flash light and the effects put in place around the usage of said light are where a lot of the horror comes from.

There are also a ton of great gore I encountered on the short play through. One dudes head basically becoming a Pez dispenser was high on the list of very kick ass moments. Added to that is the real time damage that zombies take at the barrel of your firearm.

Following the all too quick play through, you are greeted with a short preview of the game and a very badass look at both Hunk and a hilarious look at Tofu traipsing through the sewers.

It’s a fun ride, that was enough to whet my appetite a bit for the upcoming release date.

We will have a full review when the game officially drops Jan. 25.

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