Scene from "The Descent"

Researchers Find Blind Creatures Living in Remote Prehistoric Cave

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Scientists are currently examining creatures they discovered living inside Movile cave in Romania. The cave has been sealed up for over 5 million years, but just like the quote in Jurassic Park, that didn’t stop life from “finding a way.”

Although this seems like a plotline from a dinosaur movie, most horror fans will probably compare it to the horror film The Descent (pictured above) and its sequel. That would be fair. However, the creatures found in this cave aren’t bloodthirsty and they look more like insects than humanoids.

A waterscorpion (Nepa sp.) attacks its crustacean prey (Credit: Patrick Landmann/SPL)

A waterscorpion (Nepa sp.) attacks its crustacean prey (Credit: Patrick Landmann/SPL)

Because the cave was sealed for so long, oxygen was cut off making the atmosphere extremely toxic to humans and all oxygen breathers.

Not surprising, scientists were able to classify some hearty organisms such as spiders, scorpions, and centipedes, but it was the 33 unique lifeforms they found that got them excited.

So far, these creatures have only been found in this particular subterrestrial location and nowhere else on the planet.

Moreover, the lack of light in the environment has rendered the tiny beings colorless and blind. Instead of ocular traits, the critters have adapted to the darkness by developing longer antennae and other evolved body features.

Scene from “The Descent”

Since the atmosphere is toxic, the ecosystem has also transformed and can sustain a full food chain via chemosynthesis using gas instead of sunlight to grow.

This discovery is the only one on dry land. Similarly, suboceanic environments near volcanos also make use of their toxic surroundings to survive.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how the animals became a part of the cave which was discovered back in 1986.

“It’s very likely that the bacteria have been there a lot longer than five million years, but that the insects became trapped there around that time,” J. Colin Murrell, a microbiologist from the University of East Anglia, said. “They could have simply fallen in and become trapped when the limestone cast dropped, sealing the cave until it was discovered again in 1986.”

Although it’s complete conjecture, this cave could have inspired the movie The Descent.

Source: The Earth Site