Amazon's Alexa turning evil?


Here’s a story that may have you throwing your Amazon Echo devices right in the “nope” bin. Buzzfeed reported multiple owners of Alexa enabled devices complaining that their Echos are letting out evil laughs without warning. It’s a bit early for Amazon to be playing April Fools jokes, and there currently doesn’t seem to be any explanation for it.

Customers’ individual experiences have varied, but they’re all very unsettling. One user claimed they were just about to fall asleep in bed when their Echo Dot suddenly let out a “very loud and creepy laugh.” Another unnerved customer reports they were having a confidential office conversation, and their Echo began laughing out of nowhere. It did this without its typical waking chime going off first to let users know it’s coming out of sleep mode.

Another bizarre report said they tried several times to get Alexa to turn the lights off, but it would keep turning them back on. After a few tries, Alexa stopped responding, and suddenly began laughing “like a real person.” A few users thought the laugh sounded different than what Alexa’s voice would normally be. A family was totally petrified when their Alexa let out a “chilling witch-like laugh,” but they weren’t able to replicate it again.

Did an update cause Alexa to malfunction? Are ghosts trolling people through these devices? Are the machines becoming self-aware? I’ve seen way too many horror movies to rule out any possibilities.

Have any of you had a spine-tingling Alexa experiences of your own? Let us know in the comments section!