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By now, it’s very improbable that you haven’t heard of Trailer Park Boys. Even if you’ve never seen the mockumentary, there’s no doubt you’ve scrolled past it on Netflix. Besides being one of the most popular Originals on the site (it was picked up by Netflix starting with its eighth season), the show has also spawned numerous specials and original films dedicated to the series. So, yeah, Trailer Park Boys is pretty popular. And it’s hilarious.

Rob Wells plays Ricky on the show, and besides being one of the main characters, he’s also in charge of many behind-the-scenes aspects of the series, proving he’s more than a one-trick pony. He’s not only limited himself to the Trailer Park Boys either – he’s branched out in not one, but two different horror films.

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I first discovered Wells outside of his hit show in a movie called Would You Rather, which I found streaming on Netflix. Not knowing that Ricky – er, I mean Rob – had any experience outside the trailer park, you could imagine my genuine surprise and ensuing joy when I saw his face pop up on the screen. “What?” I remember yelling. “No way! That’s Ricky! That’s (something I don’t want to repeat just in case my mother is reading this) Ricky!” I then called over all of my roommates over to share in my gleeful shock of seeing Ricky in a horror movie, of all places.

Though Wells gives a strong performance in the film, I’ll be honest: it is reaaally hard to separate the man from the character in TPB. His role in Would You Rather is fairly serious, yet each time I saw him on the screen I couldn’t hold in my laughter. It’s not that I was laughing at him – I wasn’t – it’s just that I couldn’t help but see Ricky, not Wells, in a movie. Each piece of dialog that wasn’t littered with curses felt like something was wrong.


It’s a good watch nonetheless. Even if you’re not a fan of Wells and his insanely funny show, the movie also boasts Jeffrey Combs of Re-Animator fame. Additionally, it features former adult film star Sasha Grey; this film has some variety, that’s for sure. The plot is simple but effective. A number of people are invited to play a game of choice hosted by a maniac. The maniac is Combs, and as you know by know, he is a man who understands what it means to play a maniac in a horror film. But if you’re anything like me, you may not care about what the film’s plot is. Ricky came to the party, and that’s what counts!

If you’d like to see more of Ricky getting all bloody and scary, you may be pleased to know that Rob Wells also makes an appearance in Hobo with a Shotgun. This feels a bit more natural for an actor such as him. Though it was very fun to watch him in a horror movie, the sight of the guy alone will never not make me laugh. He’s a very talented man – fully versed in Rocket Appliances.