Release of Eli Roth’s Green Inferno Put on Hold

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Green Inferno

One of the most universally anticipated horror movies of 2014 is without question The Green Inferno, Eli Roth’s critically acclaimed homage to Italian cannibal flicks that sees a group of student activists traveling to the Amazon rainforest and becoming a hearty meal for a tribe of flesh-eaters.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s no longer a 2014 horror movie.

Originally set for wide release on September 5th, Deadline now reports that the film has been taken completely off Open Road’s release calendar, indefinitely put on hold with no current plans of releasing the film at any point in the remainder of 2014.

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What happened, you ask? It seems the financier of the film, Worldview Entertainment, is suddenly no longer interested in paying to advertise the film, a commitment that was previously made by the ex-CEO of the company. Christopher Woodrow unexpectedly left the company last June, and in the wake of his exit several projects have been put into limbo.

No word yet on whether The Green Inferno will be given a new theatrical release date, or if it will be downgraded to a direct-to-home video release. On his Twitter account, Eli Roth wrote last night that all parties involved are working hard to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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