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Reebok’s ‘Ghosbuster’ Shoes Aren’t Afraid of No Ghost

by Trey Hilburn III

We have a very big need now. This need has filled us with the sort of mass hysteria that instinctively leads to cats and dogs living together. Reebok has dropped a bomb on us, and its a ectoplasmic bomb that we are going to have to track down and purchase. We are of course talking about the Reebok X Ghostbuster, “Ghost Smashers.”

At the time of posting this Reebok’s site only has a few pairs left in a a couple of different sizes. However, there are other sites that still offer the shoes, if not a little bit more expensive.

The official discription of the Ghostbuster Ghost Smasher shoes goes like this:

“Show ghosts who is boss. These men’s Ghost Smashers shoes have a fearless design inspired by the Ghostbusters movie from the ’80s. The leather upper has a worn, weathered look as if you’ve gone into battle. Signature details from the film give them a legit look.”

Everything about these shoes is awesome. However, the fact that they are called “Ghost Smashers” is making us crazy with excitement over owning a pair of these.

Head over to Reebook to buy the last few pairs remaining on the site. Spend a few minutes on Google and I’m sure you can find some elsewhere too.

Ghosbuster Ghostbuster Ghost

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