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Red ‘Jeepers Creepers’-Like Demon Seems To Photobomb BFF’s Video

by Timothy Rawles

A Reddit user was taken aback after re-watching a video sent to her by two girlfriends.

In the clip below, there are two women who seem to be horsing around for the camera but there also appears to be something else in the room with them that isn’t human. Although it appears red, it looks strangely like the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers. 



The Daily Star reports Reddit user Princesslina87 received the funny video and saw the “red-faced head” make an appearance for a split second.

Jeepers Creepers | Jeepers creepers, Jeepers, Creepers

“Something with a red face came up behind my friend,” the user said. “She was drinking and there was no one else in the room with them. It randomly shows up behind the girl on the left’s head.”

Videos with supernatural phenomena are currently trending across social media. Tik Tok has become a hotbed of ghost captures and “unexplained” events.

Weird face appears behind fun-loving girls in video.


Popular among these are the “over-the-shoulder” appearances of “ghosts” or in this case something else.

Added the friend: “I think it was a demon or something cause lots of bad stuff was happening at her house and sad stuff with her family.”

Of course, the rational explanation is that it is just a trick of the light. Or it could be the normal human tendency of Pareidolia in which the mind gives a false perception. One example is of this is seeing things in clouds or a “man in the moon,” or perhaps demons in selfies.

You decide:


Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Header Credit from Reddit User: Princesslina87

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