‘Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare’ Goes 4K On Xbox One X

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We aren’t too far off from the October release of the next Red Dead game, Red Dead Redemption II. Good thing too, cause we are anxiously counting down the days. In the meantime it seems that the classic Red Dead Redemption has been given a full 4k overhaul on Xbox One X to assist in bedding our hunger down.

This glorious looking update is just what the doctor ordered to gear up for our next old west adventure.

What’s even better is that the 4K beauty isn’t just extended to Red Dead Redemption, it  covers DLC bases too. That means that Undead Nightmare is looking sharp and the 4K part as well.

Undead Nightmare was an alternate timeline bit of DLC that featured John Marsden going around killing a ton of zombies in order to find a cure for the ‘the plague’ to save his family.

The whole thing was a great add-on and gave Red Dead and horror fans around six hours of old west zombie slaying action, complete with a complete new story line.

The 582 MB update is available today for folks who already own the 360 title or for those who choose to download it from the Xbox marketplace for $29.99.

Note: This is the original Xbox 360 trailer and doesn’t reflect the 4K enhancements made today.

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