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Halloween is just around the corner, which is the perfect season of horror. But just because the calendar changes to November 1st, doesn’t mean the terror has to end. This is the basic premise behind Blumhouse’s latest genre production, to be streamed on Hulu. Their series, Into The Dark will have a new movie length horror story in a monthly anthology format every month, each based on a holiday from that month. Teased in this trailer all manner of holiday mayhem. iHorror was at the red carpet premiere of the first episode for the LA Film Festival last night, entitled The Body.

The event was perfect for fright fans and industry vets. With not one, but two different photogenic displays taken straight from the episode. Allowing guests to take picture with the cellophane wrapped corpse or for a macabre selfie.


Complimentary popcorn in hand, we were seated in the Writer’s Guild of America theatre in Beverly Hills where the film was introduced and played. While I can’t go too in-depth about the movie as we’ll be reviewing it later, it truly blew me away. I knew very little going in, but the feature length episode’s dark-comedy tale of a hitman disposing of a body on Halloween night in downtown Los Angeles was as hysterical as it was thrilling.

Once The Body had ended, a moderated Q and A session was held with Blumhouse co-founder Jason Blum, executive producer Alexa Faigan, The Body writers/directors/producers Paul Davis and Paul Fischer and star Rebecca Rittenhouse. As well as Juliana Will and James Roday of a later episode entitled Treehouse. Without spoiling anything, the discussion following the movie was extremely informative. Jason Blum mentioning his influence by filmmaker Chelsea ‘Stardust’ Peters to create genre stories that are more female oriented, which was evident in The Body. Paul Davis and Paul Fischer gave a rather succinct logline to describe the project as they attempted to upgrade it from short to feature, akin to Martin Scorsese’s dark urban comedy classic After Hours crossed with the chase-thrills of The Terminator.

Into The Dark as a whole is meant to harken back to the days of TV movies, which many prominent genre directors and creators were involved. Just upgraded for the streaming generation. A few details were mentioned about Treehouse due in March for International Women’s Day, Jason Blum adding that they want to bring politics into film. A reception followed after with The Body display, bartenders dressed as the characters, and food and drink. So, every month, expect a cool genre film at the beginning of every month on Hulu.