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RECOMPOSE Opens the First Human Composting Site In 2021

by Anthony Pernicka

Everything – Including Bones and Teeth – Are Transformed

The company Recompose is offering “natural organic reduction” as an alternative to cremation or your regular burial ceremony.  The company states on their website that they “gently convert human remains into the soil, so that we can nourish new life after we die.”

The plans for the building look beautiful, natural, and a bit futuristic.  It will contain honeycomb walls that store each body in a special hexagonal-shaped capsule that is moisture and temperature controlled.

Using their system it will only take 30 days for a body to transform into about a cubic yard of nutrient-rich soil.  The family members have the option to then take the soil for themselves or let Recompose use the soil to help reforest land in southern Washington.

This location is slated to open in Seatle, Washington in 2021.

What do you think of this new option?  Let us know in the comments if this is something you would consider doing.

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