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‘Rebound’ Movie DVD Premiere, Red Carpet Release

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Rebound 3

From Left To Right: Bret Johnston, Ashley James, Wes O’Lee & Kevin Bulla

The cast and crew of the psychological thriller and Indie Horror film Rebound celebrated with a red carpet DVD premiere. The event took place this past Thursday at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, and iHorror was right there joining in on the festivities. The cast and crew gathered for photo ops, drinks and were reunited once again, then followed a screening of the film. I must say it was quite a gratifying experience watching Rebound on the big screen versus a small computer screen. Johnston has had experience with micro-budget films, and the challenges that are associated with them. Here is what Johnston had to say about filming during the Rebound Q&A panel:

“I think that you have to believe that you can do it. It does not stop at post-production. You have to keep going so far beyond that whole process, I mean post is hard enough. Post can make or break an indie film. Once the film is done, you have festivals, distributors, marketing, and PR. I mean, if you don’t still have the same adrenaline and drive that you that you had for pre-production and all the way after it, it is going to disappear. It’s going to go nowhere. So my advice to any filmmaker is that it is not over when it’s done. Make sure that you pencil in another year and a half of your life because you have to work that hard all the way to the end. I mean it is never ending, it’s like a baby your film is your baby. And because I think of it as 150% of my vision it gave me all the more all, the more drive to give it life. And I do think that some filmmakers get tired and are just like, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and you have to keep going, it’s like a marathon.”

Back in April iHorror had the opportunity to speak to Director, Writer, and Prodcucer Megan Freels Johnston about her new film. Johnston shared her challenges and most memorable experiences while giving this project life, you can read the article here: Rebound Review & Director Interview.  Rebound is set forth to release on DVD September 29th.

Rebound Poster

“This film was rapturous and exceptionally entertaining, especially for an independent film” – Ryan Cusick, iHorror.com 

The film Rebound (2014), follows a young woman who becomes emotionally tormented after finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Claire (Ashley James) decides to leave Los Angeles and move home to Chicago. She packs up her life and drives the long journey across the country hoping to escape her reality. Along the way, she finds another reality that is far worse. Instead of finding the solitude and solace she was looking for, the reality she comes along to is far more desolate, disturbed, upsetting, and intense ever to be imagined.

Enjoy these ihorror exclusive photos from the Red Carpet DVD Premiere of Rebound.

Rebound Cast

Rebound (2014)

Wes O'Lee - "Gus"

Wes O’Lee – “Gus”

Mark Scheibmer

Mark Scheibmer – “Eddie”         

Kevin Bulla

Kevin Bulla – “Bartender”

Linda Nelson & Megan Freels Johnson

Indie Rights Movies Owner Linda Nelson & Director Megan Freels Johnston


Director Megan Freels Johnston, ihorror Writer Ryan Cusick, & Actor Wes O’Lee


Producer Debra Trevino


Star of Rebound – Ashley James – “Claire”


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