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Rebecca Ferguson to Join ‘The Shining’ Sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’

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Despite the lack of role designation, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Rebecca Ferguson is in talks to join Doctor Sleep‘s lead Ewan McGregor (who will play the adult Danny Torrance) in the cast of The Shining sequel.

It is likely that director Mike Flanagan–who also, coincidentally, directed King’s Gerald’s Game on Netflix–may deviate from the original novel ages of characters Abra or Rose for Ferguson to play; however, there is no concrete confirmation of who she will be cast as.

Doctor Sleep

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Ferguson enters in talks to join Doctor Sleep while finishing Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation (now in post-production). Ferguson’s previous experience in the thriller genre includes roles in Life and The Snowman.

Doctor Sleep was awarded the 2013 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel.

The film’s adaptation is described as such:

Danny Torrance is a middle-aged man drifting through America in order to shed his father’s alcoholism, which passed down to him in order to forget the events of “The Shining”. After landing into a small Massachusetts town and with the aid of a cat, he becomes “Doctor Sleep”. After meeting a young girl with the most powerful shining Danny’s ever seen, he must now face the demons of his past and the demons of the present in order to save her from a horrifying evil known as “The True Knot”.

Doctor Sleep

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For those who have read King’s novel Doctor Sleep, the film’s plot description is noticeably similar to the source material.

That being said, it doesn’t seem director Flanagan will be taking that many cues from Kubrick and intends to keep the film latched on to the initial story King wrote.

At this point, we can expect to see Torrance face his fears on January 24, of 2020. Be sure to check back in for casting updates.

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