Real-Life version of Call of Duty: Zombies, Surprises Chatroulette users

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Call of Duty: Zombies is cool and all but what about a real-life first-person shooter that involves real-time zombies? Well, Realm Pictures has us covered, zombie lovers. Random Chatroulette and Omegle users got a big surprise when they  randomly stumbled upon a first-person version of what looks like real-life COD: Zombies inside of their chat windows.

Users who were lucky enough to take part in the real-time game were prompted to “type start” to begin, they were then thrown into the game. Chatrouletters had to give voice commands that would prompt the in game solider to jump, run and shoot their way out of a zombie invasion. Only the hardcore gamers made it to the end, by doing things like searching for more weapons, conserving ammo and using other such strategies. These dudes spared no expense when they put this together. The game is complete with zombies in full makeup, heavy firepower props and specially designed sound effects, to make it feel more like you are playing an actual first-person zombie-slaying game.

“Rather than pre-recording something that looks like a first-person, we thought we would include the most important element which is the player,”  Realm Pictures team stated.

It’s really cool and hilarious journey through the level. The best moments are toward the end of the level when players find themselves face to face with a DOOM inspired boss fight.

Check out the videos below to see all the action and a really awesome bonus, behind the scenes look at all the technical stuff  and all the talented people who contributed to make all of this possible.

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