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There are lots of shark movies dotting cinematic history, but there’s one that will forever stand above all the rest: Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws. No shark flick, not even any of the sequels, has ever come close to matching the brilliance of Jaws.

Thankfully, Universal has yet to attempt to remake Jaws, likely because they know that Spielberg would be pissed off and refuse to work with them again. When Spielberg passes away though, I dread how quickly a remake might enter development.

Anyway, one particularly famous aspect of Jaws is its theatrical poster, which features an enormous great white rising up through the water at an unsuspecting victim. Now, a new viral photo effectively captures a real shark recreating that image.

Wow, is that cool as hell, or what? That amazing photo was taken by British filmmaker and cage diver Euan Rannachan, and was reported on by The Daily Mail. The image has quickly spread around online, with movie fans everywhere shaken by the resemblance.

Of course, real sharks are rarely dangerous to humans, and if anything, have much more to fear from us than we do from them. In the cinematic realm though, sharks remain creatures both majestic and terrifying, liable to eat up any stray swimmers.