Personal supernatural encounter by iHorror reader: Steve O’Rourke

I must have been about twelve years old at the time. I was up late watching the television in my living room. In an otherwise darkened room, something caught my eye. As I turned to my left there was an elderly woman standing just a few feet from me. She was surrounded by a glowing green  aura and simply standing there staring at me with no expression.  Nearly frozen with fear, being not much more than a child, I slouched down and covered my face. When I gained enough nerve to look again, she was gone.

The following morning I was having breakfast with my mother when I told her about my experience. She then asked me to describe the woman the best I could. So I did, and to my surprise, she had seen the same woman when she was just sixteen in the same room. In her encounter, the woman had walked through the room, paying no attention to my mother, then vanished into the wall. Upon further investigating, we discovered, through our neighbor, that the description of our “ghost” fit the exact description of the woman who had lived and passed away in our home before we moved in.

Apparently, she was still there with us and just seemed to be living out her life with occasional curiosity. I had always hoped to see her again, to see if I could make contact in some way, but that never happened. Every child that went through that house over the two generations that lived there had some paranormal experience, including my uncle, who had a voice come out of him that wasn’t his and refused to sleep in his own bedroom after that, but this was my personal story.


Personal supernatural encounter by iHorror reader: Jess Hanna

This isn’t so much an actual ghost encounter. But more of a spirit leading me to what I wanted to see.

My best friend and I have always had an interest in grave yards. We used to drive around and check out old cemeteries looking for historic tombstones and statues. Well back in 1999 I kept seeing this window decal on the back of locals cars that said “in loving memory of joe spivey” so for months I looked and researched and did more looking and all I could find was that his family owned a local business and he died doing what he loved. He had died in a monster truck rally race… So after months of research and not getting anywhere I gave up.

A few weeks later my best friend and I were out hunting grave yards again when we got lost and ended up in some town about 45 minutes or so from where we live and happened to find a random cemetery.  We pull in. We park by this huge tree. I get out of the car – don’t bother shutting the door and just start walking straight.

Ahead there was a tombstone that for some reason I was determined to see. There was nothing historic about it.  But it was joe spiveys grave.
To this day when I tell that story I get chills. Its not a story I share lightly. Most people who don’t believe call me nuts.
But that’s my story.

Personal supernatural encounter by iHorror reader: Stacey Shaker

I lived in a home that was quite haunted from 2010-2012.  Though I never saw an apparition, my cat surely did.  He used to watch -something- move about the house.  It would pet him occassionally, too; I could see his fur being pet and he would purr and stare at -something- right next to him.  This -something- loved to move things about the house, as well.  (I had the very strong feeling that it was an older lady set in her ways and not willing to leave her home.  When I contacted a medium, I told her nothing; just let her walk through the home.  She said she could see an old woman who lost her husband in the home and didn’t want to leave, or let anything in the home change, until her husband came back.)

She would constantly move things in my cubards to where they “should” be, move laundry to the basement in front of the washing machine, hide things she didn’t feel should be left out (i.e. jewelry, folded clothes, linens, dishes, etc.)  She would hide things of great value to us until we arranged the house to her liking.  Once, when I let the dirty dishes in the sink pile up for 2 days, she hid my favorite ring (which I had a special place for that never moved).  I told her that I understood, washed the dishes, and promptly found the ring back in it’s place next to my bed (a place I searched dozens of times).

Month by month, she became increasingly agitated by our presence, our unwillingness to memorize where she wanted everything to go, and our friends coming into the home and making small messes in her home.  We had to go.  The day we finished moving out, I called out to her; told her we were going and that she could have her home again.  I did one last walk-through the house, searching cabinets and drawers, and found everything I had ever lost throughout the 2 years in one cabinet.  I thanked her and left.

Feel free to share this story as a cautionary tale: if you feel you’re experiencing the same things, just TALK aloud – they will hear you.  Work out your differences and LISTEN closely, just because they may not be able to speak directly to you, doesn’t mean they’re not trying to communicate with you.  LISTEN.  PAY ATTENTION.  COMPROMISE.  It can make a world of difference.  But if you hit a wall, don’t fight.  You can’t win.

Personal supernatural encounter by iHorror reader: Annika Malone

Here is a picture that I took on-board a cruise ship between Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland, in 1992.
Gives me goosebumps every time I look at it.
Looks like all 4 of them are dancing.
candid real photo of 4 ghosts dancing on cruise ship