Rats Violate Bodies In Real Life D.C. Morgue Nightmare

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Often, real life is more terrifying than any horror movie, and while this may sound like a scene out of some crazy infestation movie, it actually happened.

In the morgue of a Washington D.C. hospital, a rat infestation got so bad that rats were eating the bodies, as well as crawling in and out of them through a variety of orifices. Oh, and they also attacked living people.

Here’s a video report someone uploaded to YouTube with an admittedly inappropriate title.

[youtube id=”bzVW5v65h4s” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Here’s a snippet from the MyFoxDC site:

They were going into places like the anal area, the vaginal area, the pubic area of the males,” Doris Kennard said. “That’s where they would get in.”

That is just one of many incidents Kennard witnessed as rats feasted on bodies from the inside at the morgue here at D.C.’s Providence Hospital.

Get the full story over there.

If someone moves to turn this into a film, I hope Nacho Cerda is at least considered.

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