Rare Uncut Version of ‘Psycho’ Getting First Home Video Release

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While legendary director Alfred Hitchcock was most certainly a master of the suspense and thriller genres over the course of his long career, only a few times did he venture more overtly into the horror realm, the most notable instance being 1960’s Psycho.

In many ways considered the grandfather of the slasher film, Psycho should need no introduction to anyone reading this website. If it does, by all means go buy or rent a copy right this minute and watch it, then come back to finish reading this article. I’ll wait.

Hitchcock’s tale of mentally disturbed serial killer Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is truly one of the greatest films of all time, regardless of genre. However, did you know there was an uncut version? I sure didn’t, until Rob Galluzzo pointed its existence out on Twitter.

Galluzzo is in a good position to know about all things Psycho, having directed 2010 franchise documentary The Psycho Legacy. The reason he brought it up is that this uncut version will soon make its long-awaited home video debut, as part of a German Blu-Ray boxset.

The set includes all four Psycho films starring Perkins, the 1998 remake, and the 1987 Bates Motel TV movie. The Psycho Legacy is also included. Unfortunately, the set is Region B locked, so stateside fans will need to buy an all-region Blu-Ray player in order to watch.

For those wondering, the added footage is only about a minute in total, and mostly serves to makes Norman’s infamous murder scenes slightly more graphic. Still, for dedicated fans, it’s awesome to finally get to own the most complete version of Hitchcock’s creepy classic.