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If there was ever a year to be a random vehicle in a horror movie, 2014 is that year. First, the Black Maria cattle truck from the end of Texas Chainsaw Massacre became the basis for the film’s deluxe edition Blu-ray packaging. Now, Sgt. Tierney’s police car from Friday the 13th gets its moment in the sun, courtesy of a… toy car?!

Die-cast replica car company GreenLight Collectibles has for the last several years been releasing Matchbox-style cars from hit movies, as part of their GL Hollywood line. In the wake of cars from Twilight, Joe Dirt and Dazed and Confused comes Friday the 13th‘s 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco, part of the line’s brand new seventh series.


Nevermind that the police car wasn’t an important element in the film, because this is just plain awesome, especially because of how random it is. Best of all, the car includes a mini Mrs. Voorhees figure, armed with a bloody machete. I love you, GreenLight. I love you longtime.

The die-cast replica car is currently being sold in Hot Topic stores, so be sure to hit up your local mall, wade through the sea of goths and grab one. Also in Series 7 is the 1967 Volkswagen Beetle from Gremlins, which is of course another must-own!