R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Returns This Fall

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A few years before becoming a household name with the mega popular Goosebumps series, R.L. Stine launched Fear Street in 1989, a series that was geared towards a bit of an older crowd than Stine soon found his niche with. Spanning 52 books, the Fear Street series took place in the town of ShadySide, Ohio and centered around teenagers fending for their lives against various monsters and madmen. Fear Street and its many spin-offs came to an end in 1999.

We learned at the start of this year that Stine would be bringing Fear Street back from the dead, a revival that is largely thanks to fans begging Stine to bring it back. After repeated requests from fans on Twitter, Stine expressed an interest in the revival, which caught the attention of an editor for St. Martin’s Press. Just goes to show the power of social media, and how important it is for us fans to demand the kinds of things we want to see!

Three brand new hardcover Fear Street books will be released this coming September, just in time for Halloween, and Entertainment Weekly has just scored an image of the cover of one of those books (seen above). The first in the new series is titled Party Games, and it centers around the slasher style murders of teens on a remote island. Here’s the full plot rundown, straight from Stine’s mouth…

“Party Games is about a girl named Rachel, who Brendan Fear invites along with a bunch of other people to the Fear’s summer house on Fear Island, in the middle of a lake. They’re 17, in high school. It’s Halloween time, and they’re reopening the summerhouse just for this party. Brendan invents games, he loves games, and one by one the guests start getting murdered—every murder is attached to a game. One girl is found all folded up and there’s a note that says, ‘Twister, anyone?’ They’re trapped on an island, and there’s a killer there who wants to kill everyone.”

Party Games is set for release on September 30th, and you can already pre-order it over on Amazon.

As we recently mentioned here on iHorror, the long-awaited Goosebumps feature film adaptation is also soon on its way, so it’s a damn good time to be an R.L. Stine fan!