R.L. Stine Reveals Second Book in Fear Street Revival Series

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Tonight marked the premiere of MTV’s new series Eye Candy, which is actually based on a novel by Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine. The show is more for adults than Stine’s usual output, though he’s far from done with the properties that have made him a household name.

As we reported here on iHorror last year, Stine’s pre-Goosebumps series Fear Street was brought back from the dead this past September, with the release of the first of three brand spankin’ new Fear Street books – titled Party Games. The series was originally introduced back in 1989, making last year its 25th anniversary.

In the wake of Party Games comes the second of the new Fear Street books this coming April, titled Don’t Stay Up Late. Stine tweeted out our first look at the cover art over the weekend, which you can check out below – along with the plot crunch.

Look for Don’t Stay Up Late in stores on April 7th, and head over to Amazon to pre-order your copy TODAY!

Fear Street Don't Stay Up Late

Both day and night, Lisa Brooks is plagued with nightmares and hallucinations. Could they be caused by the horrifying accident that landed her in the hospital for weeks? When Lisa finds out that a neighbor is looking for a babysitter for her little boy, Lisa jumps at the chance to keep busy and take her mind off of her troubling thoughts. But then the murders start — and her friends begin dying one by one. Are Lisa’s nightmares coming true? 

Speaking of R.L. Stine, it’s a great time to be a fan. Head into the iHorror vault for coverage of the upcoming Goosebumps movie, set for release on August 7th!

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