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Trailer for ‘A Quiet Place’ Will Set Your Senses On Fire

by Kelly McNeely
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There’s been a bit of buzz circulating around the upcoming horror film, A Quiet Place, even though the details have been kept hush-hush. Now, with a new and hauntingly quiet trailer released, it’s bound to gain more attention. Hell, it certainly has my interest piqued.

The film stars real-life Hollywood couple Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Looper) and John Krasinski (The Office, 13 Hours) as young parents who are raising their children in silence. They have elaborate systems laid out to avoid any naturally-occurring noises and communicate using sign language. There’s something out there and it’s drawn to any possible sound they may make – and judging by the brief glimpse of deep claw marks running down the staircase in the trailer, it’s big, scary, and means business.

Krasinski directed the movie and had a hand in writing as well – Variety reports that he provided some revisions on the script. The original script was written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who also wrote Nightlight and will write/direct the upcoming Eli Roth-produced Haunt.

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The tagline reads, “Listen closely, move carefully, and never make a sound. If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you”. I’m getting some Bird Box vibes from the premise – raising a family while adjusting to a dangerous world that requires hyper-sensitivity.

Sound is such an incredible element in horror. It causes the audience to focus on threats we can’t see – like an off-screen creaking door – or it can jar our senses with a sudden shock – like a loud scream. Composers will use this to their advantage and with such great affect that you can listen to a horror score or soundtrack and be pulled right into the fear of the film. I get the sense that A Quiet Place‘s use of environmental silence and sound design is bound to build so much tension and I’m such a sucker for that.

Check out the trailer below!

A Quiet Place opens in theaters on April 6.

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