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Queer Giallo ‘Knife+Heart’ Releases Trailer, Theater Release Dates

by Waylon Jordan
Vanessa Paradis Knife+Heart

It has screened at Cannes, Sundance, and Fantastic Fest. It won the Golden Puffin for Best Film at the Reykjavik International Film Festival, and now, Knife+Heart has a brand new official trailer and theater release dates for both New York and Los Angeles!

Set in the seedy world of low grade 70s gay porn in France, Knife+Heart, Vanessa Paradis plays producer Anne who finds herself at a loss when her lover/editor Lois (Kate Moran) leaves her.

In an attempt to win her back, Anne and her best gay friend Archibald (Nicolaus Maury) set out to make a film unlike anything they have ever created. Unfortunately, one of her stars is murdered and she soon finds herself and her crew stalked by a masked killer.

Knife+Heart Poster
The official poster for Yann Gonzalez’s Knife+Heart (Via IMDb)

The AV Club describes the film as a “kind of arty, nasty genre experiment” and I have to say, looking at the trailer, I’m prone to agree. How often does one see a switchblade/dildo combo, after all?

The film has been lauded for its queer twist on giallo, incorporating all the tropes from the stylized gore to the even more stylized lighting, but on closer inspection, there are definitely nods to William Friedkin’s controversial 1980 release, Cruising, as well.

Gonzalez has made a name for himself exploring varying and fluid sexuality and gender in previous in his previous films such as
Les rencontres d’après minuit (You and the Night), but this latest is definitely one for the books!

Knife+Heart will slash its way onto screens on March 15, 2019 in New York and March 22, 2019 in Los Angeles with the promise of more release dates to come.

Check out that trailer below, and prepare yourself for Knife+Heart.

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