The Purge 4 Set to Slaughter Independence Day 2018

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In these trying times, it’s important for us horror fans to stop and remind ourselves about all the good The Purge does. Maybe not so much for the people who inhabit its world, but definitely for lovers of a little action mixed with their gore.

Set in a future dystopia controlled by the deranged New Founding Fathers of America, The Purge series revolves around the titular annual event, a 12-hour period in which the more twisted among us can feel free to indulge in whatever violent impulses they might be concealing from polite society.

5 Reasons Why ‘The Purge’ May Be One Of The Greatest Movie Franchises Ever

All three prior Purge films have made big bucks for distributor Universal and producer Blumhouse at the box office, so it’s no surprise that a fourth Purge entry has just been announced. The presently untitled sequel is set to slaughter theaters on July 4th, 2018.

Considering the increasingly political focus of The Purge franchise – a focus cemented by last year’s terrific Election Year – releasing Purge 4 on Independence Day is a great move.

Next summer, instead of fireworks, the bombs bursting in air to commemorate the holiday may very well be actual bombs, at least once the Purge commences.

5 Reasons Why ‘The Purge’ May Be One Of The Greatest Movie Franchises Ever

However, it’s important to note that The Purge 4 will mark the first installment in the series not to be directed by creator James DeMonaco, who has both written and directed all three entries to date.

DeMonaco will return to write the script at least, and will assist producers in finding a new director to take over his duties.

One wonders what – if anything – the announcement of a Purge 4 means for the proposed Purge TV series that DeMonaco said was in the works awhile back. It’s very possible that one project might end up canceling out the other.

The Purge 3

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