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Punk Rock Thriller, THE RANGER Adds Jeremy Holm To Cast

by Trey Hilburn III

We are big fans of Glass Eye Pix over here at iHORROR. So when rumblings start of them working on a thriller involving punks, you can bet it has our strictest attention.

Darling producer, Jenn Wexler co-writes with Giaco Furino and produces this one alongside Heather Buckley and Larry Fessenden.

Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot, House of Cards) joins a cast that includes Chloe Levine and Amanda Grace Benitez.

If you have seen Holm in Mr. Robot, you know he carries a ferocious onscreen intimidation factor that he expresses with very little dialogue.

The Ranger centers around a group of  punk rock kids who end up on the wrong side of the law. In order to lay low from the fuzz, they hide out in the boonies, unaware that a less than stable park ranger will go to murderous ends to make sure his forest stays peaceful and serene.

The punk rock thriller is Wexler’s first outing as a feature film director.

When it comes to Glass Eye Pix films I get pretty excited. Those folks consistently do great things. Added to that,  Wexler has produced a bunch of cool stuff like, Darling, ABC’s Of Death 2, and Most Beautiful Island. So, keep this one on your cool things to watch out for radar, folks!

The Ranger

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